Angus Beef in Malaga

Recognized as one of the best meat in the world for its quality and flavor. If you have not tried it yet, you’re still on time! You can already find the best Angus beef in Malaga, and in one of the most privileged places of the city, in Muelle Uno.


Why is Angus beef so good?

Angus beef comes from a beef-producing cattle breed whose origin is in the town of Angus in Scotland. Its full name is Aberdeen Angus, and it became popular because compared to other bovine breeds, Angus has more flesh on the bones. Also, to possess a type of marbling of fat that ggives softness and a very delicious flavor to the meat.
When you eat an Angus beef burger you notice the difference instantly, since its flavor is intense and very juicy. You will not find another flesh like it.
The Aberdeen Angus, are oxen, that is, a castrated male over 48 months old. Throughout their life they are given special treatment and a privileged diet, so that their meat has the best flavor.


Angus or Black Angus?

Beyond our borders, Black Angus Beef is considered one of the best meats in the world, due to its taste, texture and tenderness. The Angus Meat usually comes from two specific breeds: the red Aberdeen Angus and the black Aberdeen Angus. In the United States, however, the black race is mostly traded, and therefore the breed has become more widespread. Hence the name of Black Angus.

Angus en Málaga

Certified Angus Beef

Something very important to know is that there is a big difference between the terms Angus Beef and Beef with Angus Seal. When we are told that the meat is of Angus Beef, it points to a specific type of cattle and not to the quality of the meat. On the other hand, the Angus Seal or Beef Certified with Angus Seal is only granted to the meat that meets a series of standard characteristics of meat quality and marbling.
In our Angus Beef restaurant in Malaga we offer you the best beef which is certified with the Angus Seal. Tasty and juicy meat that will make you lick your fingers. Come to Gaucho Grill Muelle Uno, we are waiting for you!

Angus Málaga

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