The Best Meat in Malaga

There are flavors in life that are indisputable and fill us with sensations, flavors tasted by our palate make our body and our mind want to stop the time to enjoy endlessly the explosion of juiciness and that moist texture that melts in the mouth and feeds not only our stomach, but our brain.
Undoubtedly, and for those who have already experienced this feeling, I am talking about the Certified Angus Beef from Argentina, the best meat in the world.

La Mejor Carne de MálagaIt means that the product complies with a standardized process that sets strict qualification requirements for cattle, phenotype, conformation, types and conditions of meat to ensure its origin, quality and consistency, labeling the final product with the logo of the Argentine Association of Angus, which endorses its quality attribute.

The Angus Beef is produced under the most rigorous international standards of certification (ISO 65 / EN 45011), being included in the Regulation of the Council of the European Union (1760/00 and 1825/00) and qualified by SENASA (Resolution 281/02).

The quality that can be verified not only with its certified seal of quality but with the intensity of its exquisite taste. But not only will the palate appreciates the taste of this such delicious meat, as the benefits for the body are also excellent. A recent study by the Argentine Association of Angus regarding the determination and quantification of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) content in the meat of Angus breed, determined that the cattle fed on pasture and on grain (usually corn), have more CLA, even more than twice as much as animals fed on feedlot, which is when they are fattened with grain in a farmyard.
CLA for all those who do not know what it is, is not only the unique source of fatty acids with anticancer properties accepted by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, but has also been confirmed to have beneficial properties to prevent atherosclerosis and to reduce cholesterol and body fat, among other health benefits such as increasing muscle mass, reshaping body figure, neutralizing free radicals and improving the immune system.
La Mejor Carne de Málaga

At Gaucho Grill we only serve Certified Angus Beef

Despite all these advantages, unfortunately in Spain this beef is not commercialized yet. But in Gaucho Grill we not only like Argentine Angus Beef for all the advantages described above but we consider that its exquisite taste, its juiciness and its excellent degree of marbelisation: that is to say, its fat content is found throughout the meat providing the Angus meat with its distinctive feature and manages to place this meat above the others and for that reason we have decided to offer only this meat to our clients.
You know, if you want to enjoy the real Argentine Angus beef do not hesitate and come and see us.

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