The Best Burgers in Malaga

Today we want to present one of the best hamburgers that you can eat in Malaga, as you know, in Gaucho Grill we are true lovers of meat and we could not leave aside this delicious dish that has attracted us for so many years. Currently the world of hamburgers has changed a lot and although for many chains a hamburger is a mere product of fast food, for us it is important to turn it into a dish that differs from this type of food and prepare it in a more natural way.

The Best Burgers in Malaga

But before talking about this topic it is important to tell you the history of this dish that we like so much.
As any dish, there are several versions of the origin of a hamburger. Some suggest that the first recipe of a culinary burger comes from the gastronomy of the Mongolian and Turkish tribes in the fourteenth century. It is said that they used to chop the meat of bad quality to make it more palatable. However, years later the recipe for minced meat appeared in Germany through the Tartar inhabitants who came from Russia and used to eat raw meat mixed with spices, the well-known Steak Tartar. But the word “hamburger” as well as one of the most famous dishes in almost all countries of the world, came to us from the city of Hamburg where the largest port in Europe of those times, was located. Hence, years later the Germans themselves introduced into the United States a dish called American steak Hamburg style. In Germany, especially in Hamburg this dish is still served under the name “Frikadelle” and it is a proto-hamburger, very similar to the meatballs, and reminding “Rundstück warm”.


“The term “hamburger steak” had been replaced metonymically by “hamburger” in 1930 and in subsequent years it became simply “burger”. This term is used as a suffix to create neologisms for different variants of Hamburger: cheeseburger, bacon burger, chicken burger, pork burger, mooseburger, etc …”


It was at the end of the nineteenth century that German immigrants suggested that the dish could be considered the predecessor of a hamburger, and hence the Hamburg steak, was found on the menus of the restaurants of the port of New York. It is a beef fillet minced by hand, slightly salted and usually served raw on a plate along with onions and bread crumbs. The oldest writing that mentions the Hamburg steak is the Delmonico’s Restaurant menu that offered to its customers for 10 cents a plate of this style cooked by the American chef Charles Ranhofer (1836-1899).
In 1895, a chef called Louis Lassen of Connecticut, United States made the first official hamburger in North America. The recipe was provided by seamen from the port of Hamburg.
At present, there are still many discussions about its origin as different regions of the United States claim to be the creators of a modern hamburger. One of the legends comes from the city of Seymour in Wisconsin, where in 1885 Charlie Nagreen at the age of 15 and while working at his food stall at the State Fair the idea came into his mind to solve a problem: his customers wanted to stroll around the fair while eating, and they needed an easy and comfortable way to do so. They say that Charlie placed the meat between two slices of bread, naming it hamburger. The success was of such magnitude that immediately more inventors appeared, like Frank Menches in 1892 during the Fair of the County Akron, Ohio. But the only thing that is certain is that in the World-wide Fair of San Louis of 1904, the hamburger already was a dish well-known.

From Gaucho we strive for a quality hamburger, that’s why all our hamburgers are made only with Black Angus beef with the United States certificate. Their texture and flavor make them the best meat that can be found in Spain nowadays.
You know, if you are real fans of hamburgers and are looking forward to trying the best hamburgers in Malaga, do not hesitate to visit us at Muelle Uno.
We are waiting for you!

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